About Us

MadeSimply.com is an all digital webdesign agency that speaks the language of business. We love maximizing creativity while offering tremendous value. Our goal is a clear vision for your website and what is most effective for your company.


Going even further, we provide continued support, making sure you can improve and tweak your website to generate calls and meet your customers needs.  At Madesimply.com, we’ll train you to manage your own content after completion. Taking ownership of your website’s content is the best way to find the most substantive message to connect with your audience. It also improves your search rankings is the best way to get your phone to ring.


This is the type of hand-holding we provide for those worried about the effectiveness of their website. We’re in this for the long haul! MadeSimply.com was founded in the year 2000 and we’ve had the privilege of serving hundreds of small businesses and non-profits to this day.

Design Process

A Small Sample of our Work

Southern BBQ Network


 Chris Brace Builders


Choice Beef


Anesthesia Practice C.


Roy Stark DDS


Trident Habitat for Humanity



Paragon Pipeline Inc.



Design Services

MadeSimply.com specializes in websites that focus on strong Search Engine Optimization

We start the web design process with a clear vision of your end goal. Nowadays, your website is the first impression new customers will have of your business. We aim to inspire visitors to continue past the initial introduction. We are especially good at picking up the pieces of “mostly” finished design projects that never truly met their stated end goals. Our primary focus is on content managementOnce your site goes live, we follow-up by training the site owner on how to manage their content. When you start with a professional site, it’s much easier to keep your online presence fresh. That goes a long way to creating a lasting first impression.


Are you confident in your logo?

The majority of the time, a person’s very first impression of a company’s website – is the logo.

Your company needs a professional logo.

Don’t settle for a cheap piece of clipart that is loosely related to some vague concept within your company.

A strong logo should have the following; be unique, be instantly recognizable, look good on a billboard or postage stamp and everything in between. It should also be simple.

Let us help you craft a quality logo that best represents your organization. We know the right questions to ask as we narrow down the creative process. You’ll be happy to have your logo represent your organization.


 Is your website sitting on a reliable web server?

As one of the least understood parts of the web design world, it is essential you get the right hosting.

Many small businesseithernetcables websites are hosted on crowded webservers. If another website next to your own get’s a traffic spike, it will take down the website and all other sites on the server. Even worse, if your own website gets mentioned in the news or gets some great PR, it can easily crash at the exact moment you need it to perform.

How will you promote your website?

Let us help you with the marketing side of your website. Madesimply.com offers extensive SEO functionality. For organizations on a budget, we encourage them to self-manage their website’s content. Our platform allows you to easily login and make changes without having to know code or advanced software. MadeSimply.com also helps small businesses register their site with all the major search engines.

seoservicesIf you’re too busy, you can send us your content and we’ll add it to your website for a small monthly fee.

Taking this a step further, we can offer you a full-scale SEO campaign. This will provide a login to your own customized dashboard to review your website statistics. For company’s that need extensive details on who their site is bringing in, this is the best option. Effective SEO campaigns are a big commitment. We’ll be the first to tell you that they don’t work for every type of business and need research ahead of time. But for viable industries, SEO can do wonders for getting the phone to ring and bringing customers in the door. Be sure to contact us so we can discuss the details of what is best for your company and budget.